About Us

Our mission is to help communities thrive by providing small businesses with accessible and affordable tech.

re:Bloom was founded in April 2020 by Abbey Mui as a response to the COVID-19. Her mother is the owner of a childcare center which lost over 50% of its students during mandatory statewide shutdowns. The childcare center did previously have a web presence but it was neither useful to families of students nor to my mother because information on the old website was difficult to update.

Abbey spent over 30 hours remaking the website on a new, easy and intuitive platform. She understood the importance of a digital presence since the pandemic fast-tracked the need to for one. This was when she realized that there was an opportunity to help her community. She founded re:Bloom, a non-profit digital agency whose mission is to make tech accessible and affordable. It’s irresponsible to create a tech solution for organizations without teaching them how to use and maintain it. That’s why we work with organizations to understand their budget, needs, and technical skill before finding a tech solution that works for them.

Since then, re:Bloom has connected 15+ volunteers to 10+ organizations in the Pittsburgh community. We’ve helped these organizations find technical solutions that work for their needs, budgets, and skill level.

Our name has a double meaning. The first is that we like to help organizations further their reach. Most of the organizations we work with are already doing well in the physical space but need some help pivoting their business model online. We’re here to help you bloom again, hence, re:Bloom.

The second meaning is that “re:” is typically used in email subject lines to denote that it is a response. The “re:” in our name pays homage to the fact that we were founded as a response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Our Team

Abbey Mui
My name is Abbey Mui and I am the founder and executive director at re:Bloom. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Information Systems. I believe that technology should be affordable and accessible to all which is why I'm so passionate about teaching and coaching others. Feel free to reach out and set up some time for a coffee chat!
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Jeff Xu
Director of Tech & Operations
Hi! My name is Jeff and I previously studied Information Systems at Carnegie Mellon University. I'm working as a Software Engineer at Amazon and I love helping small businesses like yours in my free time!
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Anjali Akula
Director of Community Outreach
Hi! My name is Anjali and I am studying Information Systems with a minor in Computer
Science. I worked for many clubs in a web development position before and I hope to contribute to your company with a great website!
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Ana Karina Van Nortwick
Content Writer
I am a two-time graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a Master’s in Professional Writing and a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and English. You can find me working on my novel with a nice cup of coffee, completing a Tough Mudder, spending time with family and friends, and taking a winter break to snowboard.
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