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Program Overview

Work with a team of dedicated developers over the next 10 weeks to grow your online presence. We match you to a team of 3, including an experienced project manager, to build a sustainable solution that will meet your business goals, budget, and technical abilities. We teach you everything about your website so that you can keep it up to date after our program ends.
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Week 0:Initial Consultation
Week 1: Research & Recommendation
Week 2-3: Website Design
Week 4-6: Implement Website
Week 7: User Testing
Week 8: Incorporate User Feedback
Week 9: Quality Assurance
Week 10: Future Steps: Strategy & Plan

Project Structure

We match each business to a project to a team of 3: a dedicated project manager and 2 developers with skills that match the needs of the project. As a team, we work hand-in-hand with our to ensure businesses reach the outcome they're searching for.

Together, we meet 1 hour each week, at the same time each week, to ensure that we share updates to your website, provide time for feedback, cover training materials, and leave time for you to ask questions.

You should expect to spend an additional 1-2 hours gathering assets and/or familiarizing yourself with the new features. The tasks and asset gathering are tasks that directly impact the outcome and success of the project.


Weekly meetings allow you to play a major role in designing your site


Trainings eliminate need for on-going maintenance fees.


Hours spent meeting with you and working directly on your website

Cost to You

Building a website is expensive! Currently, building a custom website from scratch can cost anywhere from $4,000 - $10,000. The value of a custom 5-7 page website including user testing and maintenance training is estimated to be is $5,000.

Your contribution to this program is $1,500 which is automatically set up on a 3 month payment plan. The rest of the cost is subsidized through the generosity of foundations and individual donors invested in your success.

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