Anjali's re:Bloom Story

Anjali Akula's re:Bloom story, from volunteer to Board of Directors!

re:Bloom Staff

May 19, 2022

For many members of the re:Bloom community, current Board Member, and former volunteer, Anjali Akula is a recognizable - and much welcomed - face.

Anjali first volunteered with re:Bloom in its earliest days and saw the company grow as its Director of Community Outreach - a position she just recently passed along to two new executive team members. (Yes, you read that right, it took two people just to continue her work!)

We asked Anjali to describe re:Bloom in three words and without missing a beat she said, "re:Bloom is 'Impactful.' 'Mission-oriented.' And a great place for 'Personal Development.'" Okay, the last one was two words, but you get the gist!

When asked about her time volunteering on the staff of re:Bloom, Anjali emphasized, "my favorite part was the idea of 'doing something for a bigger cause.'"  This was certainly clear in her unwavering, results-oriented approach, making sure the volunteers and clients got the most out of each 10-week cohort "It's not just about numbers!" she said laughing.

re:Bloom was lucky to have Anjali as a volunteer, executive team member, and continues to thank her for her service on our Board of Directors.

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