Brenden Rogers' re:Bloom Story

Brenden's re:Bloom Story, Young Professionals Giving Back

re:Bloom Staff

June 17, 2022

A member of the "boomerang" movement, Brenden returned to his hometown of Pittsbugh after living in Brooklyn, NY for 12 years. When his day job of marketing Broadway shows was put on hold because of COVID-19, Brenden took the time to enhance his digital skills by enrolling in Coding Dojo, a web developer bootcamp. Eager to get involved in the community and put his new knowledge to work, Brenden volunteered with re:Bloom to be able to give back to small businesses.

After his first cohort volunteering, he was recruited by Anjali and Abbey to take charge of re:Bloom's marketing efforts as part of the company's exec team.

When asked what he sees for the future of re:Bloom and where he would like it to grow, Brenden said, "I think there is a lot of potential for re:Bloom to become an online expert for small business web dev resources. That kind of exposure will also help to attract young professionals like myself who really want to volunteer!"

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