Meet the Spring 2024 Cohort Small Businesses

We are excited to welcome spring to Western Pennsylvania and to welcome 8 new small businesses to the re:Bloom community.

Chelsea Cavlovic

April 15, 2024

We are excited to welcome spring to Western Pennsylvania and to welcome 8 new small businesses to our list of graduates from our 10-week website bootcamp. Over the last 10-weeks, our volunteer project teams, in partnership with the business owners, transformed the web presence of 8 unique small businesses. Meet the business owners and their team members below!

Spring 2024 Demo Day

Bright and Early Learning and Child Care Center - A childcare center in Pittsburgh that provides personalized care for each child in a creative and nurturing environment. During the program, the team worked to establish a web presence to help prospective parents and caregivers find resources and more information. 
Project team: Annie Geng, Autumn Qiu, Esther Bae 

Keystone Pediatric Developmental Services - Offers a wide range of services to support children's development, learning and behavior. The team worked together to establish a website, focusing on HIPPA compliance and telehealth implementation. 
Project team: Amogh Borikar, Jodie Yang, John Beers

“Re:bloom was the perfect combination of helping me build a website, while also giving me the tools to manage it moving forward” - Jessica Simon, Owner of Keystone Pediatric Developmental Services

DAWA - Dawa provides ancestral wellness education, holistic products, and direct services.  Dawa’s mission is to inspire mothers and families to adopt lifestyle changes that nourish our bodies, respect the Earth, and transform us into greater well-being. The team worked together to build a website with community at the heart of design. The online platform was built to be a seamless online experience for e-commerce, training/courses, consultations, community forum and blogging. 
Project team:  Pauline Zhang, Annabelle Wang, Haoyu Yang

DJ Winston T - Pittsburgh-based Wedding/Event DJ. Elevating events through personalization and high-level performance and presentation. During the programthe team focused on a website redesign that more effectively reflected DJ Winston T’s personality while ensuring that he can constantly update his website with future events and work. 
Project team: Sen Feng, Ally Wen, Yiyao Wang

“Overall great experience, feedback was taken and used, The final website feels like me. Knowing how to update things moving forward and having somewhere I like to send potential clients is cool.” - DJ Winston T

A Trike Called Funk - Innovative mobile party experience on three wheels. The trike provides Mobile DJ Services, educational programming, experiential marketing and more. Over the 10-week bootcamp, the team focused on creating a website that captured the branding while making it easy to navigate, easy to schedule, and increase bookings. 
Project team: Alice Min, Joey Park, Michaela Fox

BostonWood Furniture - Sells a wide range of unfinished, finished, and custom wood furniture in New England area for over 40 years. As BostonWood has been around for awhile they had a preexisting site. The re:Bloom team used what they had and created a more modern website with key integrations while focusing on why they are doing it, and making sure the business owners can continue to update their website on their own in the future. 
Project team: Gabby Xie, Josh Dong, Rose Liu

“Unlike other designers, Abbey's approach of asking "why" before "how" resonated with us. This emphasis on purposeful design convinced us that re:bloom was the perfect fit for our project.” - The McHales, Founders of Bostonwoof Furniture

Behavioral Health Catalyst - BH Catalyst operates a philanthropic network, supports key policy processes, and partners with community organizations. The new website highlights the key programs of BHC: Philanthropy, Policy, and Community while sharing an events calendar and blogs. 
Project team: Dan Stirrup, Aaron HuSun, Chris Song

Psycollegey Advantage - After decades of experience as psychologists working with high school and college students, owners  Meghan Pugach and Mariko Sakurai became increasingly aware that the overarching emphasis in college preparation efforts surrounds the process of getting into college, often at the risk of overlooking what is needed to thrive once in college. During the bootcamp, the team worked on SEO, branding and highlighting the programs.
Project team: Sidney Ozcan,  Carissa Chou, Neha Manoj 

Spring 2024 Demo Day

All of our small business owners were provided with the tools and resources to continue to update and maintain their websites on their own. Training includes items such as how-to guides, SEO guide, and more. To learn more about our programs and how re:Bloom grows small businesses, visit our programs webpage at