Introducing Our Summer 2023 Cohort

Introducing five new re:Bloom clients, Infinite Lifestyle Solutions, EduFab, First Sip Studios, Sacred Marketplace and Sejin Plus

Chelsea Cavlovic

June 13, 2023

We’re halfway through our Summer 2023 Cohort and we are excited to share the 5 businesses that are partnering with us to transform their digital presence. 

Infinite Lifestyle Solutions is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide violence prevention, intervention, and trauma healing services through restorative practices and art therapy. Infinite Lifestyle Solutions teaches youth how to heal and resolve conflict while becoming resilient and learning to excel in their education after traumatic events such as gun or relationship violence. They came to re:Bloom with the hopes of creating a new website that was easy to manage and would reach their audience.

EduFab works to support schools, districts, and out-of-school-time programs to fully integrate digital maker spaces into their culture, curriculum, and school. They build individualized packages including thought leadership and partnering, strategic consulting and planning, technology recommendations and materials curation, as well as teacher leadership training and program evaluation.

First Sip Studios uses what they have learned from businesses all over the world to tell stories through their video productions. They aim to help small and disadvantaged businesses with technology and create engaging video content. They have created a 6-month course called “Share Your Purpose” in which First Sip Studios creates photo and video assets for these businesses. After this, the businesses learn how to create and deploy creative assets on social media.  First Sip Studios is now partnering with governments and other community leaders to share and expand its program and reach.

Sacred Marketplace is an online store where you can shop handmade luxury products including Mystic Hairfood, a line of products that “feed the soul”, and candles. They are working with re:Bloom to launch a new e-commerce website and create a brand identity.

Sejin Plus is a Korean-based company that turns textile waste into raw materials for the sustainable manufacturing of products such as modulus houses, park benches, and more. They want to grow their business by creating an English version of their website to reach a greater audience. They are working with re:Bloom to help create the English version of their website that interfaces with their established Korean website and would help customers from around the world easily navigate their products and services.

Follow us on social media for updates on these businesses' website development and stay tuned to see the final products. The next round of applications will open in July for our Fall 2023 Cohort.