Updates to Our Volunteer Workshops

Core to our volunteer program is our 1-hour weekly workshops on relevant web development topics and we just made them even better.

Chelsea Cavlovic

July 6, 2023

At re:Bloom, we are committed to always growing and we know that feedback is at the heart of a growth mindset. When you volunteer with re:Bloom, you sign up not only to help small businesses grow their businesses but to build on your own skills including website design and development, consulting, SEO, and more. 

Core to our volunteer program is our 1-hour workshops on relevant web development topics each week during the 10-week volunteer experience. The workshops provide professional development opportunities by providing relevant and up-to-date information, inviting professional guest speakers to talk about the topic, and providing networking opportunities with the workshop leaders, guest speakers, and peers. 

We are committed to guaranteeing these workshops are efficient, valuable, and educational, and through our volunteer feedback, we are continuously working towards those goals. Our team has recently updated our workshop experience by removing breakout sessions that were too time-consuming and adding in fast-paced individual activities. This not only removes the wasted time of getting in and out of breakout rooms but also empowers people to work at their current experience level.

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and therefore, some volunteers already have experience in the workshop's topics, while others need more time to learn the material. Our updated workshop structure allows people to engage and learn, regardless of their background in the topic. 

When you volunteer at re:Bloom, you will have the opportunity to have a real impact on real businesses as you help create a website from the ground up for a small business owner. You will also gain valuable professional development as you work through the weekly workshops and network with volunteers and program managers. As a volunteer, your feedback and insight are always welcome as we continue to grow.