A Journey of Friendship, Professional Growth, and Impact at re:Bloom

Sally Pak, an experienced Program Manager at re:Bloom, has a multitude of reasons for her commitment to the organization, but one stands out above all else - friendship.

Chelsea Cavlovic

December 4, 2023

Sally Pak, an experienced Program Manager at re:Bloom, has a multitude of reasons for her commitment to the organization, but one stands out above all else - friendship.

Sally is currently working with her fourth cohort at re:Bloom, where she collaborates with small businesses to create and establish their new websites. Initially, as an Information Systems major at Carnegie Mellon University, she jumped at the opportunity to volunteer with re:Bloom to gain real-world tech and consulting experience. She also felt a personal connection to re:Bloom's founding story, as her parents are small business owners, and she understands the importance of an effective web presence for small businesses in this digital age.

Sally emphasizes how her involvement with re:Bloom has been pivotal in her career development. Not only did it provide her with a wealth of professional experience to draw upon during internship interviews, but it also played a key role in shaping her career goals. She is currently set to intern with a technology consulting company, and she credits re:Bloom for helping her solidify her desire to work in a field where she can implement solutions and make tangible impacts.

After volunteering as a developer, she moved into the project manager role. Her second time leadership as a project manager, led to her entire team of developers becoming project managers for re:Bloom's most recent Fall 2023 Cohort.

When we asked Sally's team, Dan and Gabby, why they moved from the developer to the project manager volunteer role they said:

“The most rewarding part about working with re:Bloom for me is not only crafting impactful solutions for small businesses in my community but being able to develop meaningful relationships with our clients that extend far beyond the 10-week cohort!” - Dan
“My first time with re:Bloom was awesome! I had fun helping small businesses and working with the team to solve real problems. Seeing the good results made me want to come back as a Project Manager. It was really worth it and left a big impression on me.” - Gabby

When asked about why project manager roles are sought after by many volunteers, Sally highlights the opportunities of the multifaceted and comprehensive responsibilities position. She noted that project managers are responsible for structuring entire projects, from creating wireframes and ensuring a seamless client experience to executing projects and facilitating effective communication, both internally and externally. It's a role that demands a unique combination of leadership, organizational skills, and creativity. 

While professional growth has been an invaluable aspect of her re:Bloom journey, Sally attributes the success of her volunteer experience to the power of friendship.

Sally recalls her initial involvement with re:Bloom, where the program fostered a collaborative and friendly environment that quickly led to her forming lasting friendships with her entire team. This camaraderie not only meant a better client experience but also cultivated professional and personal relationships that extended beyond the scope of their volunteering commitment.

She acknowledges that making friends can be challenging, but with re:Bloom, friendship came effortlessly. Even as a busy student juggling various extracurricular activities, she found it easy to dedicate time to the experience because she was not only supporting small businesses but also having a fun time doing so.