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Ayúdate is a non-profit whose mission is to bridge the gap in mental health services at an affordable rate, especially for the uninsured/ undocumented community. There is a lack of mental health services in Western PA for Spanish speakers which sparked the creation of this non-profit organization. The founder wanted to create an online presence for her organization in order to apply for more grants and funding but because of limited resources and a desire to learn, she wanted to understand as much as possible in order to manage the website directory herself.


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Over the course of 10 weeks, re:Bloom built a 10-page website, that toggled effectively between Spanish and English. It included key features that the client requested, including

  1. Donations payment processing via Paypal
  2. Communications via contact form and mailing list
  3. Instant English <-> Spanish translations via 3rd party integration

In addition, we created a brand identity and guide for the client by building off a logo she already had. By working with re:Bloom, and creating a web presence, our client is able to bring a sense of legitimacy to her organization. As a result, she has been able to apply for funding and recruit volunteers more effectively.

“This is a great service. I did not know anything about having a website and re:Bloom produced a great website which I can use and taught me how to use and manage it. The investment in time and money was 100% worth it.” - Alicia Sewald-Cisneros, Founder of Ayúdate


This project would not have been possible without the generous support of our project manager Abbey Mui and talented volunteer development team: Hibah H. and Anna K.

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