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FroGang is a 501(c)3 non-profit based locally in Pittsburgh. Its mission is to empower and encourage natural hair and afros within the Black community. It also aims to unify black youths throughout Pittsburgh. We started this project with their original website built on Ionos. There was no clear branding except a logo and the goal to show that FroGang was fun. Kelli is unfamiliar with tech in general, while Candace holds great fluency in website design.


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By combining a visually appealing design with interactive features and streamlined functionality, the FroGang website transformation successfully amplified the organization's online presence, strengthened community engagement, and facilitated efficient management of events and merchandise sales.

  • Facilitated a complete overhaul of FroGang's website, delivering a refreshed look and improved functionality.
  • Collaborated closely with the team to capture and showcase the organization's initiatives through dedicated site pages.
  • Enabled founders to effortlessly create, edit, and track events through a highly extensible interface.
  • Enhanced user engagement and boosted revenue by enabling seamless event registrations and merchandise purchases.
  • Provided actionable insights through monthly reports, offering valuable metrics on site views, clicks, device usage, and revenue.
"With all the features on the site the merchandise, blog, successful sister session and black doll forms all help pick up traction on the site. The people are really visiting our site way more than before and we can actually track it which is super cool.” - Kelli, Founder + CEO of FroGang


This project would not have been possible without the generous support of our talented volunteer development team: Tina L., Alexis E. and Michael F.

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