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Project Summary

We consolidated a booking platform for various appointments as well as a selling platform for products. This improved the customer experience by fulfilling customer orders on time, as well as increasing the ease of scheduling appointments. We also increased the credibility and visibility of Tamika Nicole LLC.

The Problem Space

Tamika Nicole, our client, had an Etsy page where she sold her hair products. The main problem our client faced stemmed from a loss of customers due to frequently missing Etsy notifications on customer orders. Our client also did not have a site for customers to book services.


Our solution was to develop an e-commerce website to increase sales and promote services in a consolidated platform. We used Figma for wireframing, and after we used Wix to implement the website. Our results included a completed e-commerce site consisting of 5 main pages – Home, Shop, Services, Contact, HairRemedy RX. We had a functional shop page to order products that would trigger notifications on the client-side. We also had a functional booking page to schedule appointments that would trigger notifications on the client-side.


One developer dropped out Constant changes to design (color palette and picture)

Design Process

Our design process involved considering our client’s logo colors, her signature brand design, as well as the inspiration websites our client liked and wanted to emulate. We designed the website based on our client's suggestions first but then iterated based on our own inputs. We had multiple meetings where we edited the website together with the client to get direct and real-time input.

Development Process

We chose Wix because the developers were most familiar with it. We followed the timeline outlined in our client project proposal and made sure that we clearly laid out our agenda and kept our client constantly updated on our progress. We faced some challenges due to the loss of one developer and hence some work had to be taken by the PM and by asking other teams for help. We also faced some challenges in getting certain pictures and assets in time to publish on the website but this was solved via emailing our client to ask for the necessary assets and working on it during client meetings.

Feedback Process

We got good and timely feedback from our client during our weekly client meeting. It helped that we always shared our progress and asked for specific feedback for a specific area and aspect of the site. For user testing, we contacted 5 of our client’s contacts to get objective feedback on the usability, ease of use, and design of our website. Our user testing generally went well, and we got positive feedback on the minimalism and clarity of the website. We also got feedback from other teams during the feedback roundtable session, which enabled as add certain features like a cart button, tweak the layout of the website a bit and overall clarify any uncertainties a user may have. The team went over the feedback to iterate on the website during the following team meeting.

Training Process

Our client was relatively fluent in tech and thus did not have too many issues in trying to understand the platform. We planned the training topics based on what we felt would be the most common tasks and edits to the site, be it adding a product, altering text and images, or setting up a service.

The Team

Project Manager
Vania Halim
Yiqun Zhang