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Project Summary

Three Rivers Community Care is a community care center in Carnegie, PA. They offer a variety of services including at-home residential care, art therapy, and occupational therapy. The problem with the original site is that it wasn’t accessible to our client's schedule, did not contain all of the necessary information, and had an outdated design. Our goal was to promote Allison’s online presence and increase the number of clients by building a sustainable, adaptable, and functional website. We also wanted to build a site that would be easy for her to update. We created 22 pages, some that are viewable on the site and some that are templates to use for future additions. By adding these scratch pages, we are making it easy for Allison to add new pages which were previously difficult with her schedule. In addition to scratch pages, we created training videos, a how-to-guide, and a design standards page to make website design easier for her. We also made the site accessible by abiding by ADA guidelines and increased her SEO.

The Problem Space

The problem with the original site is that it wasn’t accessible to our clients schedule, did not contain all of the necessary information, and had an outdated design. To address this problem, we: - Created a site map. This outlines the user flow and we optimized the user flow to attract more customers and clients. - Conducted design research by consolidating a moodboard of other therapy and community care center’s websites. - Consulted with user about different design elements. We utilized our diverse set of testing users to gain feedback about particular design elements and the usability of the site. - Created instructional videos, how-to-guide, design standards, and scratch pages. These pages make editing the site easier and faster to work with our client’s schedule.


Our final deliverables consisted of a sustainable, scalable, and functional website that has enhanced SEO and is ADA-compliant, a site map that outlines the user flow which is optimized to attract more customers and clients, an updated design guide with logos, and instructional videos, how-to-guide, design standards, and scratch pages, which make editing the site easier and faster to work with our client’s schedule.


We solved the main problem by: - Allowing for Allison to easily update the site with scratch pages, templates, and preloaded color schemes and formatting - Including a link to BambooHR platform to direct users to open job postings - Including a blog section on the site to allow for Allison to resume creating and posting relevant blog content publicly - Incorporated a HIPAA-compliant form to gather confidential information from potential patients

Design Process

We conducted design research by consolidating moodboards of other therapy and community care centers’ websites to better understand the design standards in the specific industry. We found that most therapy websites utilize lighter-color themes; however, the client’s website had a very dark color scheme which made the atmosphere feel heavy and formal. With the goal of creating an environment that makes users feel supported and welcomed while browsing the site, we decided to change the existing color scheme by adding lighter blues and purple for Call to Action. We then consulted with our client to discuss the site features that best align and help achieve her business goals. With this information in mind, the team had a parallel prototyping session and merged the wireframes afterward. We iterated by getting feedback from our client and conducting usability tests to test out different design elements.

Development Process

After understanding the business goals and researching platform options, we thought that Wix is the best for our client as it uses easy drag-and-drop format for adding elements, has overall well technical support, meets all the feature criteria of the new website, and falls within the client budget. After reviewing the timeline of the project, the PM broke down the development tasks, mainly based on pages and features. Some challenges we faced were 1) client had a busy schedule so the team came up with an editing schedule since Wix only allows one person to edit at a time 2) the client had some technical difficulties with Wix editor so the team had a debugging session to resolve that 3) to make sure all sensitive information are kept secure, we implemented HIPAA compliant forms through a third party platform and embedded them on the site.

Feedback Process

Each week when we implemented new features / pages of the site, we updated the client on progress and obtained feedback by demonstrating the features to her. If the team agreed with her feedback, then we implemented them. But if there were disagreements, the team consulted with people outside of the project and conducted user testings. For user testing, we tested all pages and key features by asking general questions and making the users perform certain tasks. User testing revealed several small UI recommended changes including formatting of the navigation bar, button formatting, organization of page sections, and language tweaks. One major change was the homepage hero (the landing section) as users thought that it was difficult to read the text on top of the image so the team came up with several design options afterward and decided on one with the client.

Training Process

In the beginning of the project when we confirmed the major features of the site, the PM created a training schedule for the client to make sure she knew how to update all the major sections of the site. To do this, we created 12 training videos and live demo/teaching sessions in the meetings as well as a “How to Guide” in case the client doesn’t know where to find certain information. We also gave the client weekly editing tasks such as publishing a blog for her to practice. The client was able to quickly understand and learn all the editing tools so we were able to move through the training process faster than planned. Lastly, we directed client toward relevant Wix resources for continued technical assistance.

The Team

Project Manager
Nicole Xiang
Megan McCormick
Roshni Surpur