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The Team that Made This Possible:
Ryan Stoltzfus
Rachel Liu
Allan Garcia

Project Summary

Our team created a site that allows Hush-Hush to sell products and advertise events. The color scheme of red, black, purple, and white communicates the unique identity of the brand. The home page and product pages are designed to encourage browsing items related to what the user is interested in.

Problem Space

Our client had not been working on her business because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, she was unable to access her existing Wordpress site after her hiatus. Thus, the problem was that our client lacked a website for selling products and advertising her events. Additionally, our client was not technically proficient, so an important consideration in designing the site and picking a website builder was ease of use. We performed a competitive analysis looking at other lingerie and adult product stores online and identified common design themes and features. We performed customer discovery to identify the needs of Hush-Hush’s customers. We also did in-depth research into the features of the different website builders before deciding on Wix.


Our solution was to build a new Wix website from the ground up to offer our client a website with an improved design over her previous site. The site possesses full e-commerce functionality as well as an Events page to exhibit pictures, videos, and other media from Hush-Hush’s home parties and annual fashion show. We refined the shopping flow by adding featured products on product pages and the homepage to encourage shoppers to check out related items that they may wish to purchase. We developed 4 training videos to help with key features of Wix to ensure our client could maintain her site after the project’s completion. We user-tested 6 users to test the desktop and mobile versions of the site. Hush-Hush has been provided with a brand new desktop and mobile website using the Wix platform. There are 6 live pages: Home, Shop, Products, Events, Book Online, and About Us. We created 4 training videos. We user-tested the site with 6 users. We ensured that the site was ADA compliant and added metadata, URL slugs, and alt text to optimize the site for search engines.


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