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The Team that Made This Possible:
Edward Chen
Alice Nie
Meghna Chityala

Project Summary

The goal of this project is to reorganize Open Up’s website to help improve KPIs including website traffic, bounce rate, and conversion rate, as well as making the website easy to navigate and understand. In order to achieve the goal, the team used Squarespace to recreate Open Up’s old website with simplified and organized design. We added donation button to the navigation bar and also added sentences to explain that the classes are free to sign up pages in order to clearly establish that classes are free but donations are welcomed. In addition, our team strived for sustainability of our project through including a variety of methods, such as teaching sessions during meetings, and providing written and video training guides. At the end of the project, our team created a brand new website for Open Up from scratch. We created 18 new pages including Home Page, Mission Page, Team Page, Blogs Page, Programs Page, Donate Page, and etc. Our team also carefully adhered to the ADA/SEO guidelines and developed mobile views to help with accessibility and search optimizations, helping Open Up’s website to be thorough and comprehensive.

Problem Space

Our client, Marissa and Megan, had an old website, which lacked consistency and organization throughout the website. The original design was messy and difficult to navigate, which hindered users ability to sign up for classes and donate to the organization. Since the website’s main purpose is to attract new users to sign up and donate, we revolved our new design around these two main functions by building buttons and sections that lead to these two destinations. We also conducted market research on similar websites such as other yoga businesses and nonprofit yoga organizations. In the end, we compiled a list of 9 comparable websites and presented them to our clients, gaining their opinion on each website’s functionality and design. We analyzed the feedbacks before beginning our own design process.


The results consist of one new website for Diana that seamlessly accomplishes both of her original goals— having a digital portfolio in which she can demonstrate her (and her company’s) work, and building an online presence as the founder of Humbly At Your Service. Diana now has a full website consisting of five different pages she can use as the landing page of her business/point of contact for potential clients.


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