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The Team that Made This Possible:
Rohan Butani
Kelli Kuramoto
Alexis Elliott

Project Summary

As a team we were able to organize our client’s ideas in the form of a hifi prototype and documentation for implementation and eventually monetization. We were able to accomplish this through a process that include discussion with the client, internal team discussion, implementation of discussed ideas in mid and hifi prototypes, testing of these ideas through 2 rounds of user testing, and elaboration on these ideas based on user and client feedback.

Problem Space

The problem was that our client was unhappy with the existing live site for Selling Later. She sought to implement a slew of new features, but felt that her own product was inaccessible to her due to the nature of the coding platform it was implemented on. Our research consisted mostly of learning about the real estate market through educational materials passed on by our client and experiential learning through competitive analysis of existing real estate platforms.


Our solution was to redesign our client’s product featuring the new aspects of the platform that she sought to add in the form of a hifi prototype with detailed documentation that she could pass on to a developer. We implemented this solution over the course of 10 weeks, first implementing a midfi prototype, then receiving feedback on it through user testing, then implementing a hifi prototype based on the midfi and the feedback we received from user testing, then receiving feedback on the hifi through a second round of user testing, and finally elaborating on the hifi based on that feedback, documenting the state of the product and our decisions up till now, and noting the significant feedback we received from users. Finally, we ended up building a hifi prototype with 41 pages and a documentation packet with 25 pages. The documentation features a description of the interaction present on each page of the prototype and the discussion/notes relevant to the decisions we made. It also features future considerations based on the user testing feedback we received.


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