Meet Spring 2024 Volunteers

Meet the volunteers who will work closely with small business owners this Spring.

Chelsea Cavlovic

February 6, 2024

Our project managers are joined by a team of volunteers who work closely with the business owners throughout the 10-week website bootcamp to help them develop copy, design an effective website, and help business owners feel confident in maintaining their website after the program through detailed educational documents and videos. The volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds but they all align with the mission of re:Bloom and have experience with website development and/or design and consulting experience.

We are honored that so many individuals dedicate their time and expertise to small businesses and re:Bloom and we are excited to share who will be working with us this Spring!

re:Bloom Volunteers, Staff and Board (Jan 2024)

Bostonwood Furniture

  • Gabby Xie (PM)
  • Josh Dong
  • Rose Liu 

Bright and Early Learning and Child Care Center Inc

  • Annie Geng (PM)
  • Autumn Qiu
  • Esther‍ Bae


  • Pauline Zhang (PM)
  • Haoyu Yang
  • Annabelle Wang

A Trike Called Funk

  • Alice Min (PM)
  • Joey Park
  • Michaela Fox

Keystone Pediatric Psychological Services

  • Amogh Borikar (PM)
  • John Beers
  • Jodie Yang

Behavioral Health Catalyst

  • Dan Sirrup (PM)
  • Chris Song
  • Aaron Husun

Psycollegey Advantage, LLC

  • Sidney Ozcan (PM)
  • Keerthana Vinay
  • Neha Manoj

DJ Winston T

  • Sen Feng (PM)
  • Yiyao Wang
  • Ally Wen

When you volunteer with re:Bloom you receive weekly professional development workshops, support throughout the client experience and work closely with a team who shares similar values and goals. Learn more about volunteering with re:Bloom by visiting